What Are Different Spring Flowers A Florist Would Use?

Tulips are one of the most popular and recognizable spring flowers. Read about the different spring flowers a florist would use for beautiful bouquet arrangements.

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When flowers bloom, they sense that the days are growing longer and the temperatures are rising, and that's how they know it's time. As soon as spring hits, a bouquet of fresh spring flowers is the perfect way to liven up any room in your home or office. In addition, it will freshen the air around you. In springtime, most flowers and other flowering plants are at their peak growth, so you will need a florist to find the perfect blooms for you. So, let's discover what are the best florist blooms for spring through this blog.

Blooming of Spring Flowers

It is possible to see the first flowers of spring before spring starts, even in cold, snowy climates. Early bloomers include snowdrops and Lenten roses, which can bloom as early as late January. A lot of early spring flowers, including hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips, bloom toward the end of March. May and June are the best months to see late spring bloomers like peonies, daisies, lilacs, and roses.

Spring's Top Flowers

It's no secret that spring flowers are everyone's favorite. Spring flowers are not only beautiful after a long and dull winter, they are also one of nature's most stunning gifts. There's something special about each spring flower that we don't find in any other season. Below are some of the spring flowers you'll find blooming outside and in flower shops during February and May.

An early spring flower: the Lenten rose

This plant blooms early in the year with exquisite, lightly frilly blooms, also known as hellebore. It is possible to see some of these perennials through the snow, despite their delicate appearance. Flowers Delivery Boiling Springs NC can deliver them in a floral arrangement for you to enjoy.


Tulips add a whimsical beauty to spring. Flowers of this type bloom in thousands of varieties and in nearly any color combination. Generally, they represent love, but different hues have different meanings. A red tulip symbolizes love, whereas a yellow tulip symbolizes happiness. Mixed bouquets are perfect for celebrating Easter, spring birthdays, and other special occasions.


Daffodils are the quintessential spring flowers. A white, yellow, orange, bicolor, or pink bulb blooms up to six weeks in early spring. It grows from a bulb and has strap-shaped leaves. It can reach a height of six to thirty inches. When ordered from Southport NC Flowers Delivery as cut flowers, daffodils look stunning, and they look gorgeous in containers.


The hyacinth flower can completely transform your garden or floral arrangement within a short period of time. There are a variety of color choices, ranging from purple to pink to black. Another benefit of hyacinths is that their blooms last for two weeks or longer, which is longer than that of other spring bulbs.


Stunning and easy to look at, these beauties are sure to please. A spring favorite because of their bright colors, long vase life, and sweet scent, freesias are an excellent addition to any bouquet, no matter how big or small. A spring Birthday flowers bouquet for your bestie would be incomplete without freesias, which symbolize friendship as well.


The Ranunculus plant, also known as the Buttercup plant, grows best in spring-like temperatures. When planted in warm climates in the fall, the corms will bloom in late winter and early spring. In many cases, ranunculus has a vase life exceeding ten days.

If you're looking for spring flowers, try Wild by Nature, your local Southport NC florist to find the best flowers online and in person.

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